Men caught spraying Sniper on beans to kill weevils (video)

A man has raised alarm and exposed some beans sellers after he caught them using Sniper as a pesticide to kill weevils in beans.Sniper is known to be a very dangerous insecticide that should be used outdoors and should never come in contact with food. But, in a bid to make profit, the beans sellers used it to ensure their beans stays weevil-free.The young man who saw them said he has seen this happen multiple times at Iddo market but they never listen to him whenever he challenges their unscrupulous practice.Watch the video below.     View this post on Instagram           A post shared by LIB – Linda Ikeji Blog (@lindaikejiblog) on Nov 8, 2018 at 1:14am PSTThe post Men caught spraying Sniper on beans to kill weevils (video) appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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  1. Nothing bad with that

  2. Haa. these people wan kill person o

  3. Indirectly spraying poison to the beans

  4. Heartless you want to kill people?

  5. Jesu. This is how they send people to Arly grave. They better caution th

  6. And it happens in the north cause they don’t know the implications of those wrong doing

  7. Sniper is not suppose to come in contact with food,it’s not good health wise.They should stop it.

  8. Sniper is not so good he should have use something else

  9. Some people should be given duplex in psychiatric

  10. May someone should tell him that is just trying to kill himself

  11. To kill weevil on beans? so heartless

  12. Thank God they saw them

  13. chai!! is this wickedness or illiteracy? god will save us

  14. Now, ill stop eating beans…you people have tried

  15. Sniper is not good for humans maybe he doesn’t know that

  16. Wickedness of the highest order

  17. God will deliver us in this world, someone will now use his money to buy what will kill him

  18. when i say that its only God that is saving us in this country, it will look as if one is too religious but just look at this. we all know how dangerous sniper and co is, but look at how it is used as pesticide, and this makes me wonder the kind of beans we consume in this country. someone shared on whatsapp and asked us not to eat beans anymore or boil the one we will eat very well and i asked my self if we have anyother affordable protein in our country which we can use and substitute with beans and i couldnt think of any. again, asking us to boil our beans well before eating made me think back to know if theres anyone i know that eats raw beans, cos most beans must be cooked to an extent for it to even be called an undone beans. so this brings me back to the fact that its only by His grace that we consume things we dont even know are present in our daily foods and still be healthy to an extent.

  19. Thanks for this wonderful information

  20. Make them no gho kill people oh

  21. So this man want to kill people

  22. Wicked world, with devilish minded people

  23. Sniper is a dangerous insecticide,spraying it on bean not a good ideal at all

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