Millionaire Allegedly Murdered Girlfriend During “Rough Sex” Session

A wealthy businessman “totally lost it” during a drink and drug-fuelled “rough sex” session with his young lover, leaving her to die at the bottom of the stairs, a court has heard.

John Broadhurst, 40, is alleged to have murdered Natalie Connolly at their home in Kenrose Hill, Kinver, Stourbridge, West Midlands, in the early hours of December 18, 2016.
Prosecutors say he may have attacked the 26-year-old after discovering she had been messaging other men behind his back.

Mother-of-one Ms Connolly, 26, was found in a pool of blood, naked except for a skirt rolled up to her waist, at the base of the staircase in their luxury home in Kinver, Staffs, in December 2016.
She had more than 40 injuries across her body, jurors were told.

On the day of the alleged murder, the couple went to Hawthorns football ground to watch West Bromwich Albion entertain Manchester United.
Among her injuries was a blow-out fracture to her left eye, said by the prosecution to be consistent with “punch or toe-poke kicks”, as well as facial bruising.

A post mortem found she had died from acute alcohol intoxication and blunt force injuries.
Traces of amphetamine and poppers were found in Natalie’s system as well as the cocaine and alcohol.

They had returned home from the Hawthorns in Broadhurt’s chauffeur-driven Range Rover the previous evening.
Birmingham Crown Court heard the couple had been drinking heavily before and during the Premier League match.
David Mason QC told jurors they carried on boozing and also used cocaine after getting home.
Broadhurst told police that during the S&M session he momentarily went into a bedroom alone.
He claimed he then found her injured at the bottom of the stairs when he returned, jurors were told.

He also told police he was unable to carry her to the bedroom because he has a “metal leg”, the court heard.
Instead he left her at the bottom of the stairs naked apart from a black skirt hitched up over her waist, it is claimed.

The property developer told police he discovered his girlfriend dead when he woke the following morning at 9am.
Broadhurst, of Blakeshall, Worcs, denies murder and GBH with intent.
The trial continues.

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  1. Ok what he did is not but he will still be rewarded somehow

  2. This is serious, why sexing her as if you are raping her

  3. This is unbelievable how could this man do such an act

  4. I pray they find out what really happened

  5. His very mad for doing that

  6. That’s sounds so strange

  7. He went soo wild

  8. They should put him behind bars immediately

  9. The man’s c**k is too big

  10. This is so bad for him to do… Rip to the lady

  11. Come on it is not rape they having pleasure so you don’t have to reprimand him

  12. This kind of rough sex that kills hmmm

  13. Was it because it was a rough sex?

  14. That man is so wicked…that is no longer sex it is rape…he shouldn’t go free…this case should be investigated properly…

  15. That’s crazy sorry for your loss sir

    1. that very bad…we called this act rape

  16. that very bad..we call it rape

  17. I pray what truly happened be revealed soon

  18. That is very bad drugging to sex your girlfriend

  19. That’s the result of drug abuse. God will safe him not to go to jail

  20. This is an old story. Stop drunkenness before sex. It may kill

  21. Smh….. what will d gal tell God no

  22. This is unbelievable, why will he sex her like that

  23. Aah ah… Is it by force. It’s raping to death not sex to death. He should be prosecuted.

  24. This is straight road to hell fire

  25. That’s rape not sex…. but they are both drug addict

  26. Did he use any other thing that is not penis in sexing her

  27. Na something wey sweet Dey kill person .. simple missionary you won’t do . He should face the law

  28. Only God can see the heart of men

  29. An investigation should be conducted to know the real course of her death.

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