Mompha buys Rolex wristwatch with diamond face for his 8-month-old daughter

Flamboyant Nigerian businessman, Mompha posted a video from a Dubai jewelry shop where he bought a brand new Rolex wristwatch with diamond face for his 8-month-old daughter, Hanan. He also shared a photo of his children posing with their rolex wrist watches. ”Billie Kids” he captioned it.More photos of Hanan with her first roles wrist watch below…  The post Mompha buys Rolex wristwatch with diamond face for his 8-month-old daughter appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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  1. Money speaking

  2. this is what money can do

  3. Money money. Bless up

  4. This is a waste of reaources

  5. God bless me ooooo money is good but he whould have used that money and visit the poor and get blessing than buying an expensive watch for a child that won’t value it

  6. Rolly rolly gang shii.. money is good

  7. Congratulations boss, I like Ur swagg

  8. That’s ok and fine

  9. This is money speaking lord bless me i must be rich

  10. When money is talking

  11. he bought a diamond wristwatch to his 8 month old baby when people are there dying in hungry

  12. There is nothing money cannot do

  13. Money dey,money can do everything

  14. there is much money. she should help people who needs it the most

  15. Wow! Money is talking.

  16. Wow this is good

  17. I don’t see what wrong with that.
    If I have the money, I’ll do even more than that for my kid.

  18. Instead of using the money for a better thing, though is your money shaa

  19. In this world, 8 months baby already wearing a Rolex wrist watch

  20. beautiful but money is good sha

  21. If you no get money wetin u gain ooo…. Money all the way

  22. money must be made

  23. money speaking

  24. Must people see negativity in a father buying gift for his daughter…how are you so sure he is no a huminatarian…whatever you do people must talk.his money…his business.

  25. If they kidnap her now, you’ll start crying…why expose this little girl to such risk

  26. Correct. Too much cash

  27. Wow money is good

  28. Yes so money answering everything

  29. i hope she will tell the time when asked. Mompha dishing it out once in a while. good father

  30. God please pick my call

  31. wow! God come and help me too

  32. money set things right. if I have I will do more than dat

  33. wow money is very good

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