Monday Mogulette: Abisoye Ajayi Is Showing The World That Girls Can Code Too!

Abisoye Ajayi

Monday Mogulette is a weekly series that profiles exceptional women who are doing exceptional things.

The world of tech is a male-dominated industry, but one woman is on a mission to change these statistics by teaching girls how to code. Abisoye Ajayi grew up in rather challenging circumstances. She lost her mother at the age of four and suffered abuse from her father till she left home at the age of 15.

Her romance with coding began as an intern with an I.T audit company. In an interview with CNN she says, “when I got introduced to the world of computer programming, I was just natural with it. It just flowed. It’s all about solving problems.”

Abisoye Ajayi

(Photo: Instagram/MsAbisoye)

And solve problems she has! She eventually quit her job to start a non-profit organization, Pearls Africa that encourages the participation of more women in tech. Since inception in 2012, Girls Coding (an arm of Pearls Africa) has taught about 400 girls how to code, including girls from the Makoko slum and IDP camps around Lagos. Even though most of these girls had never seen a computer before, the Girls Coding programme is particular about opening their minds to how they can solve problems in their community through tech.

Abisoye Ajayi

(Photo: Instagram/Pearls Africa)

This has resulted in the girls creating innovative solutions like developing a website where the impoverished Makoko fishermen can directly sell their fish to buyers for increased profit and also using their programming skills to put an end to female genital mutilation.

Abisoye Ajayi was recently nominated as one of the Top 10 CNN Heroes, a list of everyday people doing extraordinary things to change the world. You can vote for her here. If she wins the CNN Hero award, her foundation will receive $100,000 to continue the good work she is doing.

Find out how Tomi is helping girls get educated here.

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