“My Wife And I Are Keeping Malice!”

My wife has been really helpful from when we started dating, she has actually taken me from grass to grace and helped me from a self contained to a 3bedroom flat. She has been helping with house expenses for over a year now, I do work but my salary is very small, just around 60k. She is into business which flourished so much but it’s a little down for now. She helped made our marriage possible by contributing far more than i. She is every woman’s dream and is even poised to help me secure a better job and a side business.I have also contributed my part in helping her grow her business though not financially but through technical support, expert advice and more as she just started her business the very month we started dating but though in a small way with very little capital. I feel I have over burdened her with my own problem and she is carrying way too much on her shoulders cos her parents and siblings are also depending on her.I felt a pinch of her frustration when I asked her if she could help transfer a little sum of 200 naira to me for airtime, she was about doing it when I told her I actually wanted to send the amount as airtime to my dad,then she flared up saying she will take care of me, herself and even my parents! I felt bad and terrible cos I rarely ask her for money to send to my people except on very rare occasions which are but a few.I kept mute and didn’t feel like talking to her and we haven’t exchanged a proper conversation since last night when it happened. What do I do? Even when I try to initiate a conversation, she doesn’t seem interested