Nigerian Billionaire Shows Off His Range Rover Vogue Rotating In His Parlour

Nigerian billionaire businessman and record label owner, Okwudili Umenyiora is in the news again after showing off 2018 Range Rover Vogue, parked and rotating in his living room in his mansion in Lagos.

Mr. Dilly, Chairman of ‘Dilly Motors’, who reportedly owns one of the most expensive mansions in Nigeria – is known for flaunting his luxury vehicles in a rotating position in his parlour.

He once made headlines sometime ago for flaunting his Rolls Royce Phantom and 2018 Lexus Jeep inside his sitting room while he danced with his wife, Fifi Umenyiora.

Now, the businessman was filmed posing beside the Range Rover car rotating in his exquisite parlour as he hosted a group of friends recently.

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  1. God has blessed him

  2. Money is good

  3. Good will do mine as well.congratulations

  4. this is a good news

  5. Good for him. Enjoy bro

  6. Wow that’s tomuch money

  7. Nawa ooo,,,, he’s surely a billionaire

  8. Enjoy urself bro. Too much money

  9. Good news enjoy

  10. Is that all he knows how to do. Why have I not heard that he helped this person or that person. Snapping in his parlour to me is not richness just poor mind

  11. Good for him, enjoy your wealth boss, we dey your back. Nice ride by the way

  12. Enjoy your wealth bro. Hope your security is solid also?

  13. Enjoy your money

  14. Money is good oooo

  15. With money every thing is possible

  16. Good news, enjoy yourself

  17. Goodnews i will also be rich one day

  18. That’s mad bruh … dilly with the money o, dilly with the cars

  19. Good news Congrants

  20. Too much money man, I pray one day to be like you

  21. Driving a car in his sitting room really? This is my first time of hearing his name . Please come and impact lives

  22. Good will do mine as well.congratulations

  23. Money is speaking,but wait how was he able to put it inside the parlour

  24. Baba God bless me to ooo,happy for him

  25. Too much money….nice one

  26. Enjoy money is good

  27. This is serious, hope you are helping the needy too?

  28. Carry go.. Enjoying your self.. Money is good..that is with a Range Rover in your parlor

  29. Rejoice with those that rejoice and mourn with those that mourn…. my dear congrats dear

  30. Too much money. Congratulations

  31. See money is talking. Nice one

  32. Money stops nonsense. Bro God bless your hustle jareh

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