Nigerian Footballer Henry Onyekuru Accused Of Failing To Pay Child Support

A German lady has accused Super Eagles striker, Henry Onyekuru, of failing to make child support payments for their, Khaleesi.

German newspaper, Bild, reports that the Onyekuru is owing €11,000 in child support payments and has refused to pay up, even after a court ordered him to.

Melissa Krott, the child’s mother, was quoted as saying: “I met him via Instagram. I thought he was great. At some point we wrote, met. When he found out that I was pregnant, he did not want the child.

Speech was no longer possible. He closed me off everywhere.” Onyekuru is said to have accepted the paternity, but still hasn’t paid up.

Knott added: “Right after the breakup, he already had a new girlfriend… with whom he also has a child, a little boy.”

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  1. That’s very serious

  2. This is too bad of him

  3. This is bad so what is he doing with his money

  4. Are you serious.

  5. Child support is another business

  6. It is shameful

  7. Very bad attitude from him

  8. Why have a kid when you can’t take care of that child.

  9. The guy is still matured enough

  10. They should be very sure of it, before concluding

  11. Pay up, you did it so be responsible for it

  12. U will impregnate a gal n be running away from responsibilites

    Gals too if u don’t child sopot will u n d bby die???…..lets say d guy dies (God forbid), won’t she tkia of the kid???

    Just saying

  13. He should consider his mistakes and play his roll as a head.

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