Nigerian Man Almost Crushed His Young Son To Death With His Car

A pastor in Rivers State almost crushed his son to death after the little boy sneaked unnoticed under the car to pick a ball.

Read post by pastor Alfred Akunchukwu:

“How can I really thank this great God enough. I would have killed my own son {King NICOLAS} just now if I moved my car without hearing his voice.

I didn’t know he got stuck under my car when he went to pick his yellow ball.
I’ll continously BLOW THE TRUMPET IN ZION.

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  1. This simply simply shows that we should be very careful when embarking on domestic home driving

  2. God is wonderful

  3. thank God he discovered on time.

  4. This is a good information

  5. Thank God… We as parents should be extra careful…

  6. Thank God o
    I plead with all parents to always check under their cars before zooming off

    These kids don’t know safe from unsafe

  7. Wow all the glory be to God for the great save

  8. God is wonderful . Thank God he heard the boy’s voice

  9. Always watch your car before you drive out

  10. Indeed God is wonderful

  11. God great God thank God for you

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