Nigerian Man Defrauds Red Cross By Claiming To Be A Hurricane Victim

A 38-year-old Nigerian man has been arrested for defrauding the American Red Cross by claiming he was a Hurricane Harvey victim.

Olanrewaju A. Beyioku, was charged, on Thursday, in U.S. District Court with wire fraud on allegations he cashed $3,600 in federal disaster relief vouchers provided by the Red Cross in October 2017. .

The humanitarian organization offered the funds through a one-time cash payment of $400 after Hurricane Harvey struck Houston, Texas, on Aug. 25, 2017.

The victim was provided a reference code, which could be redeemed for cash at Walmart locations. After the program launched in September 2017, the Red Cross received reports nonvictims were claiming the funds.

“The Red Cross has found over 3,300 reference codes that were fraudulently applied for via its website and used to obtain cash payments at Walmart stores,” records state. “The total loss to the Red Cross is over $1.3 million.” .

Walmart security investigators determined 81 fraudulent transactions committed by two individuals at the Walmart in Hammond. The fraud totaled $32,400. .

After an investigation, federal authorities determined 9 of the transaction were conducted by Beyioku. He was identified in a photo array by a clerk at Walmart. Authorities also traced the ill-gotten money back to his bank accounts.

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  1. Ahah what’s this supposed to mean

  2. I think he should be dealt with

  3. Nigerians God just dash us sense

  4. Now imagine this act those affected might not benefit from it

  5. That’s to bad…. People are coming up with different fraud skills may god help us

  6. laziness is a desease

  7. Blame red cross please for not doing their homework very well

  8. Some people I don’t know why dey can’t work dea self rather than scamming

  9. This is very bad of him

  10. And am sure he is an Igbo guy

  11. he needs help

  12. Thats theft,he shouldn’t have done that

  13. He should b so punished

  14. Oh Nigeria! Anywhere there something bad going on a Nigerian must be involved

  15. Laziness is the problem if not, lives would have been better

  16. Maybe things have not been going well for him so he did to know whether he can get some help from them

  17. Mugu fall, guy man chop…

  18. Why always Nigerians now!

  19. no food in the land joor

  20. Fear Naija people

  21. Thanks for the update

  22. Fighting for survival ,but in a wrong way that’s is wrong

  23. Nigerians self…its the country we find awa selves

  24. This is very bad of him

  25. He should Neva go unpunished

  26. Nawa o
    Just when u think u v seen it all

  27. He should spoilt Nigeria’s image again

  28. Just give him d right punishment

  29. Desperate people

  30. That man must be dealt with seeiously oh.

  31. Naija guys don’t turn something else

  32. Nigerians and there everyday disgrace,may God save us

  33. Fraudsters everywhere
    I think the government should provide more jobs for literate and illiterate people in the country

  34. Nigerians please use ur brain to do something good. Not fraud every time na

  35. sharp nigeria

  36. Hardship everywhere but why must it be Nigerians anytime crime is committed?? I think he should be dealt with so that other of his kind will learn that’s if they will learn. Everytime something bad is done it must be a Nigerian, tuueeh.

  37. He should be remanded in prison

  38. This is so serious, he needs to be dealt with

  39. intelligent Nigerians

  40. Most guys go into Fruding and scamming people thinking that is the best life to live. You’ll be definitely caught one day and all you’ve gotten will be lost within a twinkle of an eye.

  41. Nigerian are always involved in bad occurrences,why

  42. smart scammer, he has to bear the consequence.

  43. Let him serve his punishment

  44. He wanted to play sharp guy, he didn’t know everything is tracked in the US.
    May God give you sense tomorrow

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