Nigerian Man ‘Solo Pounds’ Arrested For Armed Robbery In Ghana

A Nigerian man ‘Solo Pounds’, has been arrested for armed robbery in Ghana alongside other suspects.

The Nigerian man ‘Solo Pounds’ who was accused of belonging to an internet scamming syndicate and an armed robbery gang, is currently in police custody and will be charged to court as soon as investigations are concluded, according to Ghanaian police.

This is coming few days after Tema Regional Police Command in Ghana arrested 13 Nigerians, in its bid to clamp down on criminal activities in the metropolis.

Two of the arrested suspects, Frank Inyang Thomas, 40, and Segun Mustapha, 36, were described by police as members of a syndicate that trail and rob people who withdraw money from banks The suspects were arrested in a silver coloured private Toyota Corolla car at the Meridian Cluster of Banks.

The Ghanaian police reportedly arrested Thomas and Mustapha who linked to stealing GH¢14,000.00 from a vehicle parked at Franco Phones, near the Ghana Water Company, at Community One on October 26. The suspects were captured in a closed-circuit television camera installed at the shop.

After their arrest, the suspects led the police to their place of abode at Abokobi No. 2 in Sakumono, and further investigations led to the arrest of 11 others, suspected to be cyber fraudsters.

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  1. See Nigerians disgracing Nigeria abroad. Let him be dealt with however they dim fit

  2. That’s very bad of him,please let stop ceber crime and look for business

  3. One day for d tiff

  4. Feel the heat also

  5. This is a bad title for Nigerians, may God forgive all

  6. They must face justices

  7. Nigerians always representing anywhere they go

  8. Shameful act, let him face the law

  9. This isn’t saying good about this country at all

  10. They should face the law

  11. Why must he go to other countries just to steal… This are people that let foreigners look down on Nigerians

  12. Thats how we go out their to disgrace the country

  13. My brother, ot is time to carry your cross

  14. This disgracing Nigeria criminal are given us is becoming too much

  15. Why is he bringing bad name to our country.Now he must be regretting and getting the punishment for his actions.This should serve a lesson to other robbers and thugs.

  16. Such a shameful act and a disgrace to your family

  17. What a shameful act…

  18. what a bad recommendation

  19. Hmmmmmm

  20. Nigeria youths must be everywhere there is crime, whyyyyyyyyyyy??? Bringing bad name for the country and Nigerians at large, he will face the law and I thank God he wasn’t arrested in Nigeria so there’s no way his people will bribe the police.

  21. they have extended their criminal activity to Ghana. They should be thoroughly dealt with.

  22. You have allowed the devil to use you so enjoy what the devil have given you dear.

  23. I don’t know y Nigerians like falling hand everywhere we go. Don’t indulge in cyber fraud, get paid is here to help you make cool cash

  24. He must cause the consequences of his actions alone . Apart from the fact he just dragged Nigeria imagine into the mud

  25. Most of these Nigerians go to diaspora and spoil our names there

  26. They want to large without work that why

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