Nigerian Man Trying To Sell A Lady For N12,700, Arrested In Russia (Pics)

A Nigerian man identified as David and his partner have been arrested in Russia for forcing a Nigerian lady into prostitution after trafficking her into the country during the recently concluded World Cup.

The victim was found bruised, malnourished during the rescue operation on October 23, 2018. According to the victim, the madam once injured her by throwing her out of the window of their second-floor apartment.

She revealed that the duo had already perfected plans to resell her to another trafficker for $35k, when she was rescued.

The suspects were arraigned in court, yesterday, in Moscow. They are to spend 2 months in pre-trial facilities on suspicions of human trafficking and if eventually found guilty, they risk 3 to 10 years in prison.

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  1. GOD knows what this life is turning into

  2. Very wicked and heartless act

  3. people are just so wicked and desperate to do anything because of money

  4. this act is very bad

  5. Nawa oo what is really happening, everyone want to get rich by all means

  6. This is serious people are just looking for money without minding repercussion

  7. this is obnoxious the criminal should be brought to book

  8. This is very bad. Trying to sell your fellow human just for #12,500. So unfortunate. He should be setence to imprisonment finish.

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