Nigerian Pastor Reveals What God Showed Him While Praying In Anambra State

A pastor has shared the fetish items he found in a bush in Nkpor-Agu, Anambra state, after claiming God led him there following a prayer session.

Emmanuel Ugochukwu shared photos of the various fetish items he found in the bush, including a paper with a name on it, believed to have been used to perform rituals.

Ugochukwu Nnamdi Okeke was the name written on the paper found with the fetish items. The fetish items included a lizard tied with a rope, cowries, and coins.

It is Emmanuel’s belief that the lizard signifies the man named Ugochukwu Nnamdi Okeke and he was tied spiritually.

Emmanuel prayed over the fetish items and destroyed them by stomping on them.
See more photos below:

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  1. God….. God still show his children things… Whoever they have his or her destiny, if the person is still alive, that person is delivered

  2. Thank God for the revelation

  3. Thank God for his revelation

  4. Thank God for his unequalled signs and wonders

  5. God is still on the the throne he’ll reveal more things

  6. Oga pastor this your drama,it don tey we guys get attentions from it

  7. This deliverance shall be permanent in Jesus name.

  8. thank u god for the revelation

  9. Where there is no vision people perish

  10. Could this be real?

  11. May god save us

  12. Lack of vision will cause the people to perish

  13. Wow glory to God for revealing the secret for his people

  14. Jesus have mercy

  15. God protect us from evils like these

  16. That’s someone’s future tired down

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