Nigerian Wedding Hacks For Combining Your Traditional And White Wedding

nigerian wedding hacks

To be honest, you need hacks for every step of your Nigerian wedding because there’s always an easier way to do things and you can’t come and kill yourself. However, let’s take it one step at a time and first deal with the topic of combining your traditional and white wedding in one day.

Here are some tips on how to make it work:

Make it a destination wedding

We love Nigeria, but we also know that it’s easier to get things done abroad. So if you want to have the perfect combination wedding, then make it a destination wedding. This will also help with crowd control because it’s more difficult to crash a destination wedding.

nigerian wedding hacks

(Photo: Instagram/Aura Weddings London)

Combine your reception with your traditional ceremony

If you want to enjoy your traditional wedding without the stress of having two ceremonies on different days, you can have your white or court wedding first and let the traditional wedding ceremony serve as your reception.

nigerian wedding hacks

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Delegate accordingly

Have dependable people you can assign duties to. They’ll help coordinate the vendors and the timing of all the activities, ensuring that nothing is taking too long. Don’t forget to ask your guests to RSVP, it makes planning easier.

Plan every detail

You don’t have the luxury of trial and error because you can’t make it up to your guests at the ‘next’ wedding, so you’ll need to make sure you’ve organized and scheduled everything so there’s an easy flow.

Start early

If you’re going to combine two ceremonies, you have to start everything extra early. So wake up early and get your makeup done on time so everything can move quickly and smoothly.

nigerian wedding hacks

(Photo: Obi Nwokedi)

And voila! That’s how you combine your two wedding ceremonies in one day. It’s easier on your heart and on your pocket too.

Do you have any Nigerian wedding hacks that made your wedding easier? Share with us in the comment section. Meanwhile, here’s how to have a successful wedding in Nigeria.

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