Nigerians react as President Buhari once again fails to produce his WAEC certificate

Nigerians react as President Buhari once again fails to produce his WAEC certificate
Nigerians on social media are reacting to reports of President Buhari not tendering his credentials to INEC. According to President Buhari, his credentials are with the Nigerian Army where he retired from in 1985. See all the social reactions below…Buhari does not have WAEC certificate. Simple. And more than that, his knowledge of basic things is suspect.— EDWARD Israel-Ayide (@wildeyeq) October 26, 2018I am something I have INTEGRITY but I can’t find my WAEC certificate, what am I?— Ola donkorleonne (@donkorleonne1) October 26, 2018Integrity demands that you write to military authorities asking them to forward your credentials to INECEven @MBuhari followers are not prepared to accept NEPA Bill for WAEC in 2019So, Mr President, Wey your certificate?— Kola Ologbondiyan (@officialKolaO) October 26, 2018Dear Senator Adeleke,If anyone ask you about your certificate, dont bother, dont be troubled.Simply tell them, “My Certificate is with WAEC”Let them go and sort it out there.Simple!— The Nigerian Wailers (@NGRWailers) October 26, 2018Buhari doesn’t have WAEC and hasn’t paid income tax up to N1m but you are more bothered about a man who has WAEC and has paid personal income tax of N10m in three years. You are a sophisticated moron. You are one of the reason Nigeria is backward.— ThankGod Ukachukwu (@kcnaija) October 26, [email protected] WAEC cert. is found. Please rt for @inecnigeria to see it.— «««d€nni$»»» (@deedee288) October 26, 2018Dear President Buhari,Permission to lead a PROTEST on your behalf to demand for the release of your WAEC certificate by the military. We are willing to collect teargas for you sir.— Adeyanju Deji (@adeyanjudeji) October 26, 2018It’s finally confirmed……The President of the most populous black nation in the world has no WAEC certificate.— Henry Shield (@henryshield) October 26, 2018How did we get here Nigeria?How did we get this point where @MBuhari was elected @NGRPresident without a WAEC result, in a country who’s total population’s literacy level is at 59.6% (male: 69.2%, female: 49.7% as at January 20, 2018)?How did we get here Nigeria?— Ayeesha Musa (@AyeeshaMusa1) October 26, 2018Muhammadu Buhari and Waec: Why not register for GCE and obtain the damn certificate?.Even President Obasanjo went back to school after leaving office.Everything must not be inconclusive.— Desmond Amaechi (@Mydesmond) October 26, 2018Can we get a volunteer who will go to the army to get President buhari’s waec certificate. It can’t be that difficult.— Your Crush (@Just_praiz) October 26, 2018My WAEC certificate is with the military.Military:— Dark Enigma (@kehindelawall) October 26, 2018Searching for President Buhari’s WAEC Certificate with 99 others— Francisca (@franzzychidi) October 26, 2018It took APC and its Agents 3 weeks to go to court to force WAEC to publish Sen Adeleke’s Results, nothing STOPS Nigerians NOW to go to the Nearest court to make the same request. Legal processes should be activated to stop INEC from accepting Buhari’s application. – @Chidi2chidi— ThankGod Ukachukwu (@kcnaija) October 26, 2018Employer: I have seen your CV , where are your attached credentialsMe: My WAEC is not with me. Some people are holding it. Employ me!— Fefe (@Itootok) October 26, 2018My president doesn’t even have WAEC— Fefe (@Itootok) October 26, 2018The post Nigerians react as President Buhari once again fails to produce his WAEC certificate appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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