Nollywood Actress, Omoni Oboli Looks Sweet 16 in new photos.

The forever young Nollywood actress, Omoni Oboli recently shared these photos on her Instagram page. She looked beautiful and young as always. She was pictured in a bomber jacket, denim trouser, orange sneakers and orange bag, she’s a fashion icon indeed. For those who do not know much about Omoni, she’s an author, actress, a wife and proud momma of three boys. And she’s 40years old! Yes, I just said that! Check her out below…

omoni oboli's age

omoni oboli's husband

how to wear a bomber jacket

Omoni and her sons;

how old is omoni oboli

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  1. She looks sweet

  2. She is a strong woman,i like her personality… She looks beautiful with the kids.

  3. she Look so sexy with her sons.

  4. Wow sweet you

  5. That’s what you get when you are fit and healthy.

  6. She is everly young

  7. So young looking like a baby

  8. Always looking gorgeous and ever young.

  9. Very clean and soft babe

  10. You are an epitome of beauty

  11. Wonderful picture

  12. She looks very good and younger at the same time

  13. Forever Young Mom. she looks like a sister to her kids

  14. She looks perfect in the pictures

  15. So beautiful and looks so young….

  16. Wow I love this look so sweet

  17. Pretty woman… forever young

  18. You looking gorgeous

  19. More than beauty

  20. Wow she has nice body. Looks like their sister

  21. wao u are really looking gorgeous

  22. She look good,everyone is beautifully made by the creator

  23. this is a good news

  24. She looks good even on a broken mirrors

  25. Wow, pretty you

  26. She look beautiful and dazzling

  27. Wooooooooooooooooow she really looks like a 16 year old girl, it’s good for one to take care of one’s self.

  28. wow , very cute in those outfits.

  29. This is great,
    May your happinnes never disappear

  30. Slay momma, every pretty mom. I admire you alot esp your flat Tommy. Grow old and enjoy your kids better.

  31. You look so gorgeous and beautiful

  32. She never gets old looking young always

  33. she’s so gorgeous with nice physique

  34. She’s really looking younger . She is indeed sweet 16

  35. She is even looking like a 25 yrs old girl for me but she is beautiful

  36. Wow,her sons?? Unbelievable.that all like siblings.

  37. Beautiful woman

  38. You look good, but learn how to zip up

  39. very beautiful pictures

  40. she is still beautiful and young after 3 kids. She also a very decent lady

  41. She looks cute

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