Nollywood Has Saved Many Nigerians From Depression – Innocent Abu

Nollywood actor, Innocent Abu has called on Nigerians to embrace Nollywood movies more than ever, as it has not only saved more lives but also the source of livelihood of many families.

Innocent Abu who was being interviewed by reporters on set of a new movie, enjoined Nigerian movie lovers not to relent in appreciating the production of the indigenous movie makers albeit their shortcomings.

“Truth is we have come a long way even though I won’t brag that we are topnotch or in equality with Hollywood and Bollywood, but we continue to strive to be better despite the challenges in the country, which even our viewers face irrespective of their various field of endeavours”, Abu said.

He continues; “Lately you must have been seeing a couple of movies which can be ranked or almost ranked alongside those of Hollywood, so we are trying. But I will appeal to everyone not to stop believing in us for the fact that we at least help people keep their boredom away; we keep Nigerians entertained which in turned must have helped many avoid falling into a state of depression due to the hardship in the country. We should not underestimate the impact of our movies at all.”

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  1. I commend the Nigeria movie industry for their good works.

  2. More power to your effort, you guys are trying so much. I love our movie to the have taught me so much in life

  3. That’s is true to some extent

  4. somehow true, but to some people no

  5. That is awesome

  6. Technically true,but some people don’t even watch it

  7. This is a good information

  8. Not really true
    But dey are trying sha

  9. You are not totally far from the truth… Kudos to nollywood

  10. ☺ well said,I love our productions despite the set backs, You’re right, you guys sure are doing a great work. Soon, it will Hollywood against Nollywood

  11. You guys are trying

  12. Very correct

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