Obanla Elizabeth Drags The Heck Out Of Aremu Afolayan For Insulting Buhari & Ambode

This weekend, Nollywood actor Aremu Afolayan attacked President Buhari and Governor Ambode over the terrible state of the Nigerian Aviation sector.

This came after he had an unpleasant experience at the airport in Lagos and he took to social media to vent his anger.
Reacting to him, Nigerian socialite Elizabeth Obanla in a One Hour Facebook live video dragged the heck out of the actor calling him a
‘disgrace and total idiot for insulting a sitting president and the governor of his state’.

She went on to ask him, ‘who are you to come out to insult your leaders because you had issues at the airport’?

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  1. He went too far

  2. of thanks for the updatei really appreciate it…

  3. He went really far as to insult the governor of his state

  4. very soon they wikk blame buhari for the heat.

  5. D guy went too far sha

  6. Not too good for Obanla maybe she has collected money from them

  7. Dat insult dat he gave to President is too much

  8. May be he is high on somthing…he is lucky that we in democracy era…

  9. Bahuri is not doing well

  10. Everyone has the right to express himself

  11. I love you girl

  12. It is wrong to insult leaders and as well, and two wrongs can never make right. They are both wrong.

  13. we know that Buhari is not doing well but not why you should insult him

  14. She that is defending failure is more idiotic

  15. why would he I insult he’s governor

  16. Madam you always want attention, if you are in his shoes you will do more than that

  17. He is saying the truth

  18. Buhari is not preforming

  19. Guess she don collect money from pmb

  20. But he is expressing himself.

  21. isn’t fair madam

  22. No matter what your leaders most have done,they don’t deserve to be abused with high vulgar and undignified words. You can call them to order, discreetly. Let bridled our tongues. Whoever is in power should be respected and honoured.

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