Okorocha Puts Appointment Of New Judges On Hold

A very credible government source which reached Vanguard weekend, disclosed that “the governor has already written the State chairman of the State Judicial Service Commission, JSC, who also doubles as the State Chief Judge, Justice Paschal Nnadi, directing that the processes for the appointment of new judges should be put on hold till further notice.

The same source revealed that “the only person that survived the governor’s current sledgehammer was the Acting President of the State’s Customary Court of Appeal, Justice Christy Anwuka, whose name had earlier been sent to the National Judicial Council, NJC, for confirmation of her appointment.”

Although Vanguard gathered that “sometime this year, Governor Okorocha granted approval for the appointment of new judges to commence in the state, he however, changed his mind and blamed paucity of funds for his current action.”

Our source revealed that as required by the regulations of the NJC, lawyers were invited soon after the JSC received the initial governor’s approval, to apply for appointment.

“The lawyers applied and the serving judges sent in their nominations from the list of candidates who applied. The successful applicants were shortlisted and sent to the JSC, a constitutional body responsible for recommending to the NJC, qualified lawyers to be appointed judges”, the source said.

Vanguard equally gathered that “the shortlisted candidates were screened by the Department of State Security, DSS, and on November 7, 2018, the JSC interviewed the first batch of the applicants.”

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  1. Do what’s best for your state Mr Governor..most people in your state are not happy.

  2. Very disappointed

  3. Politics with all the money someone is saying there is no money

  4. This man is exercising some powers beyond me oh because he his the governor continue

  5. This man is exercising some powers beyond him oh because he his the governor continue

  6. Very disappointing

  7. Leader don’t even care how people his leading feel all he wasn’t is to lead

  8. Because he is busy fighting uzodinma

  9. I don’t see anything wrong with it

  10. This man and power, let him continue

  11. What is this man plans sef, political crisis

  12. I am sure he knows what’s best for the state . He can’t lead the state array . He knows the best

  13. Its all for his own favour

  14. he might decide to give it to son in-law. Forget qualifications

  15. I feel the reasons is best known to you Mr governor

  16. You have not giving us a good reason why it should be unhold

  17. There is no money but y are u guys still rushing into politics

  18. Politics and their games

  19. This is uncall for. Paucity of fund is not a reason give us tangible reason please

  20. power they say corrupt bt absolute power corrupt absolutely

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