Opinion: “9 Mistakes Most Ladies Make But Do Not Know”

MOST MISTAKES LADIES MAKE BUT DO NOT KNOW..(c) oppa.1. YOU EXPOSE YOUR CLEAVAGES. You expose your cleavages. Dear, you must ponder o’er it and think you are ‘sexy.’ Sexy you mean? Like a thing that creates a sex urge? Is that what you are? Smiles. You do NOT look attractive but sexually appealing (two different words). Did you get that? Yes, you look like a LovePeddler (an attention-seeking LovePeddler). If you were quite observant, guys only say ‘you look hot’ or ‘you look sexy (a thing for sex).’ Is that what you want to be? A sex thing? A sex tool? That is why you have no time to think! That is why you get broken-up! Know why? He only came for the advert you sought earlier and as foolishly as you are (with no time to think), you gave in (he needs a decent thing now). Girls who dress without advertising their chest-cups look beautiful. Do you know that a girl who dresses in revealing clothes attract ‘customers?’ Remember the law of demand? Yeah, cheap things attract customers. Yes, the song in your head is you are a slay-queen.. Where is that coming from? Who told you you are? Ask guys for their honest opinion’bout you, you actually look stupid and as a thing to use..2. TOO MUCH MAKE-UP. I wonder how satisfying you would feel if sb saw you today looking like the fake Nicky Minaj and later sees you tomorrow looking like Mercy Johnson acting a role in a Nollywood village. Too much make-up sends the (wrong) message that you are desperate for attention. I know you don’t really know but it is a turn-off for guys..3. BATHING WITH PERFUME. I know you must feel you scent like the petals from paradise..but, excuse you, must you overdo things? You are likely to be seen as sb who has a body odour and uses the perfume as its deterrent..4. MINI-SKIRTS. During a research for a project I was to conduct in school, I get the ‘mini skirt is what is in vogue’ gibberish from girls a lot. Hello? I wonder how comfortably you feel that half your laps (even the ones with craw-craw ..rashes and zits) is out. You can’t even get to sit properly in feminine modesty or bend or walk comfortably and properly. Why are you created to seek attention? Attention from rapists I guess. You may not know, you actually look cheap! In your early 30’s after this youthful exuberant lifestyles and with no husband, you will then change your appellation to ‘Chioma Jesus’ and forget when at eighteen you had borne ‘Chi La Hot.’ Chioma Jesus kill you there. Nonsense..5. HEAVY SMELLY WIGS. Excuse me, are you a schizophrenic? Like, are you addicted to madness? The wig isn’t yours still you poise around with it polluting the air.. Oh, you wig-air pollutant, get behind me!.6. SMELLY MOUTH. I had a girl friend ( I meant girl friend not girlfriend) who was very much keen on reporting to me who had a bad breath and who hadn’t. Gentlemen, you need to come and see how this Miss So-and-so’s mouth smelt like erosion was taking place in some sewage soakaway beneath her throat — very poisonous. The worst is most girls do not know to brush twice daily; morning and night. The night brush will help erode all the left-overs hiding in each tooth. In the morning, you will have a lesser bad breath. It is even advisable that if you have to take a nap, you brush after..7. WEARING TIGHT AND REVEALING ATTIRE. Afore my analysis, I have a question: is wearing solely the leggings actually meant for outdoor activities? Very poor mentality. Most girls dress stupidly, indeed. The leggings was actually meant to be worn underneath a skirt. Wearing tight and revealing attire shows what level one has in indoor prostitution (argue with yourself). I am thinking, what is your aim in life?.8. ARMPITS. Una know unaselves. Shave, you no gree. Clean am, you no gree. Na to carry deadlock for armpits dey waka. May God save you..9. LIE-LIE. Yeah, see them.., they are giggling now. Ninety percent are guilty of this. ‘My name is Annie Cara’ but her ATM card reads Anamakelechukwu Chizobamnaonwu.Why are you like this na? .’I school in BSU’ and you don’t know the name of your VC. May God forgive you..’I rarely hardly eat that whitish thing..what do they call it .. yeah fufu. I don’t like it.’ But at the mention of your name, every fufu bows at home..In fact.., I rest my case..I’m vexed.