Opinion: Should Bride Price Be Abolished?

Bride price is money and gift items that a man give out to a lady family to marry her, of cause it is like something in exchange for something, a business, a transaction.Looking at the 21st century and the advocacy for gender equality, I think pride price completely has no place in today’s world, women want equality but once a man paid for acquiring you you are more or less his surbodinate, The argument of if he values you he will pay anything for you do not hold any water, it only hint at the fact that you are a material thing that is more expensiveThe argument of your parent taking care of you is also baseless, his own parent took care of him too and your parents took care of their male children without expecting anything in return except from their child and this argument actually hint that your parent do not trust you to succeed and take care of them after all they’ve spent on you hence they are willing to cut their loss and cash out when any man comes callingI think African parents/family are simply long throat and outrightly archaic, they are never willing to let go of the tiny gains for a better society for their daughterAlso it seems Africans cannot achieve anything on their own except their slave master (Whites) ask them to, if the slave master want to abolish pride price in Africa they would have, but Africa can’t just do it on their own, I’m sure if not for the white killing of twins will still be hereSaying a man won’t respect his wife if he doesn’t pay to acquire her is a complete lie, guys don’t pay their friends to be friends with them yet they won’t undervalue their friendsThe fact that feminists are not taking this matter up against their family still baffles me, there is even no NGO organisation against it yet thousands of NGO are up for women right and unwilling to attack its root causeIn as much as there is bride price, there can never be a successful and established women right, a wife will always feel like an employee to her husband the employer rather than a partnership business startupOf cause since it is a game of money, the man will marry another woman or chase other girls if/when he can afford more than one person bride priceWomen/ladies rise up against bride price, you are humans not commodityNO MARRIAGE NEED BRIDE PRICE TO SUCCEED Cc luminouz toks2008 amarabaeKemight15, tosyne2much XhosaNostra Tmissy3000, Princedapace, HardMirror, Martinez39, slimbless, lovelygurl, pansophist, JoyTracy, NwaAmaikpe, Queenrabella, 93Miles, Offpoint, Toks2008 larisoft, RoyalBlak007, Jydebauer, ceasare, 2tek, Explorers, MrPresident1, olaideeeedris, queene