Oros Mampofu Nichume: How Siwundla died at Oros Mampofu house

Oros Mampofu Nichume: Here is how Siwundla died at Oros Mampofu house. Oros and Nichume were childhood friends.

Oros Mampofu Nichume

According to Daily Sun South Africa, the 27-year-old singer arrived at Oros apartment in Edenvale, Ekurhuleni in the morning with her boyfriend.

According to sources who spoke to Daily Sun SA:

“They were visiting a friend at one of the apartments and it didn’t seem as if there was anything wrong when they arrived.

“They spent the whole day there and at about 9pm, news broke that someone had killed themselves in one of the units.”

Oros Mampofu:

Oros Mampofu, an actor working with e.tv’s Rhythm City, declined requests to comment on Nichume Siwundla death, her cause of death, how she died saying he didn’t want to speak on the events leading to the suicide out of respect for the Siwundla family.

Oros told Daily Sun:

“I knew her for 20 years. We met in East London during a school trip and ended up being close friends.

“Her parents were practically like parents to me as well. She was a little sister to me, a loving and fun person

“I will never forget how committed she was to her friends and everyone around her. At this moment we need prayers because this is a tough situation. We are just trying to find healing through God and our pastors.”

Nichume Siwundla death by apparent suicide happened when she allegedly threw herself from the second floor balcony after complaining about problems she was facing, dealing.

Police spokeswoman Captain Neldah Sekgobela said according to information, the incident happened at Greenstone.

Captain Neldah said:

“It’s alleged she threw herself from the second floor balcony after complaining she had problems, which she didn’t reveal to her friends.

“When police arrived on the scene, the friends couldn’t give their statements to the police as they were still in shock.

“Edenvale police are investigating an inquest docket at this stage.”

May her soul rest in perfect peace.


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