OZY WORLD Declares Nigeria-Americans Best Educated Ethnic Group In US

An American Based Media “OZY WORLD” listed Nigerian-Americans as Best Educated ethnic group in the US, below are Americans View.


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  1. of course we are

  2. Yes o Nigerian no dey carry last

  3. Nigeria is wonderfully blessed

  4. Naija all the way

  5. That’s good but our government has made it useless

  6. Goodnews for naija

  7. seriously no doubt about that. if we can be given the chance and conducive environment even down here in nigeria, we will do wonders but corruption is weigh too high and has eaten deep

  8. Great news

  9. had always know that Nigerians are very good in studing

  10. We are good in everything. The food’s the bad and the ugly

  11. Nigeria all the way

  12. The adoption of naija babies by Americans really hot me.nigerain are intelligent joor

  13. Good we are on the news for a good reason.proud to be a Nigerian

  14. We can only be the best with such atmosphere not with the hash way we study here in NIGERIA. Well done brethren

  15. There is a drop of greatness in every nigerian child.

  16. Before nko. Up naija

  17. Thats why all of u are hooping to naija

  18. Yes sure
    We sabi hustle
    We de cooldown learn
    Wahs good

  19. Yes! Nigerians are the best.

  20. Nice one nigerian

  21. Yes we are the ones. Nija all the way

  22. That is true but our government is make it useless now.

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