George Smawley Lindenhurst cause of death | Obituary

George Smawley Lindenhurst death, obituary: Lindenhurst High School Track Coach, George Smawley died December 2, 2019. The beloved teacher and coach, amazing husband and father unexpectedly passed away last night. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers. Details about George Smawley Lindenhurst cause of death are not public. A GoFundMe page launched to raise funds for … Read more

Robert Murillo Braidwood death, obituary: Robert Murillo death – what happened?

Robert Murillo Braidwood firefighter, EMT death: Robert Murillo death happened  November 29, 2019. Robert Murillo death was announced by Coal City Fire Protection District Fire Chief Barry Eggers in a statement that read: It is with great sadness that the Braidwood Fire Department reports the untimely passing of Firefighter/ EMT-B Robert Murillo. Robert passed away tragically, on … Read more

Lawrence Dobbins death: How Lawrence Dobbins death prison happened

Lawrence Dobbins death: JK Dobbins father Lawrence Dobbins death in prison happened February 22, 2014. He died of stroke and was only 33 years old. JK Dobbins dad death happened while he was an inmate at Bartlett State Jail. His son, J.K was 15 years old at the time. Lawrence had battled heart issues for … Read more

Bennett Kauffman death: Bennett Kauffman accident, obituary

Bennett Kauffman death: 19 year old Bennett Kauffman accident happened 13 October 2019. Bennett died 13 November, 2019 after succumbing to his injuries from the motorcycle accident. His multiple injuries from the accident included 2 collapsed lungs, fractured pelvis in multiple places, brain swelling, etc. The last update from Bennett’s paent Keith before Bennett’s passing reads: … Read more

Stan Schmidt death: Sensei Stan Schmidt cause of death – what happened

Stan Schmidt death happened October 6, 2019. Sensei Stan Schmidt cause of death was Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, a lung problem that has afflicted him for the past few years. Sensei Stan died a day after his 83rd birthday. Stan Schmidt death: Sensei Stan Schmidt cause of death – what happened His death was announced by Malcolm Dorfman, Chief … Read more

Christopher Montoya Pueblo CO death, obituary, accident – what happened

Christopher Montoya Pueblo CO death, obituary, accident happened early Sunday morning October 6th, 2019. 42 year old motorcyclist Christopher Montoya was killed after he crashed at an intersection in Pueblo. He had hit a traffic island while driving through the Santa Fe Avenue and Santa Fe Drive intersection, causing him to lose control. He and the bike reportedly … Read more

Rebecca Cope motorcycle accident Colorado: Rebecca Cope death, obituary – what happened?

Rebecca Cope motorcycle accident Colorado: Rebecca Cope death happened October 2019.  Beloved Becca was part of the Satanic Mechanic MC Family.  Carlos Amador shared this touching tribute in honour of Becca’s life. May her soul rest in perfect peace. RiP Rebecca you will Never BE Forgotten🤘my Condolences to family , Husband, and good friend Justin Cope … Read more

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