Pastor poisons’ daughters, himself in South Africa

A Zimbabwean pastor based in South Africa killed his daughters and himself, citing marital crises as his motive.

Precocious Mpofu ,36 allegedly forced his two daughters, Shalom ,11 and Panashe ,7, to drink a drainage cleaning chemical before also taking it in Yeoville suburb, Johannesburg,The Chronicle reports.

The deceased, who is alleged to have been a pastor at Prophet Blessing Chiza’s Eagle Life Assembly and his wife, Ms Chido Chipangura had recently separated but she was still living in South Africa.

Family members said the bodies of the two girls and their father were found in his apartment while a container of the chemical was found in Pastor Mpofu’s car.

Pastor Mpofu allegedly left a suicide note in which he stated that he was facing a lot of problems most of them in his marriage.Zimbabwean pastor poisons daughter's self

He also allegedly said they were some people who were stalking him and mentioned four people with their contact details.

Pastor Mpofu however did not give reasons why the individuals were stalking him.

The deceased’s father, Mr Sipho Mpofu, told The Chronicle

“I am reliably informed residents at his apartment saw him carrying each of the daughters on his shoulders into their flat at around 2PM. At 2:40PM he sent his sister here in Bulawayo a WhatsApp message saying one of his daughters, Shalom, had died.

Exactly 10 minutes later, he sent another message saying his second daughter had also passed on. This puzzled his sister who was trying to call him to understand what exactly he was trying to say.”

He said when she tried to text him back, messages were no longer being delivered and the sister phoned Ms Chipangura telling her to go and check on her husband as he was texting strange messages.

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