Payment for March Activity Earnings is in progress

Good morning Great GETPAID Earners,

Payment for March Activity Earnings is in progress!

PLEASE NOTE: would deduct spam earnings from your activity earnings.


  1. Because the number of members with activity earnings is way higher than the available funds generated by the website, GETPAID will pay members a part of their activity earnings.
  2. Members who have never been paid before will be paid first till the available funds for payment this month is exhausted.
  3. Ensure you tell the truth when filling this withdrawal form. Failure to tell the truth will cost you ₦1,000
  4. Payment will start next week Tuesday.
  5. Click HERE to open the withdrawal form



  1. Please sign in into your GMAIL account:

  2. Once you are signed in, fill the form properly. ENSURE YOU GIVE US YOUR CORRECT LINKS AND DETAILS.

  • 3. When you are done filling the form, click SUBMIT

  • You will get a notification that your payout request has been successfully submitted.
  • So expect your alert shortly!
  • Please note that you will be charged ₦1,000 if you LIE while filling your withdrawal form.

We will all succeed, dear!

God bless you.

Let us work as a team.

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