Photo: 32 year old man arrested for raping his 65-year-old mum, mother in-law in Kaduna

32-year-old Shekani David has been arrested by the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Special Squad for allegedly raping his own mother and his mother-in-law in Kaduna.David who is a known serial rapist in Kaura local government area, was arrested after news of his escapades was brought before the Inspector General of Police, Idris Ibrahim, who mandated the Commander of the Inspector General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team, (IRT) to investigate the matter.After his arrest, David confessed to the crime. He admitted raping his 65-year-old mother and mother-in-law on two different occasions. He said he doesn’t know what comes over him whenever he carries out the rape.“I am a farmer and I was once married but my wife abandoned me due to my penchant for raping older women.  I don’t know if I am under a spell but whenever I am drunk a spirit comes into me and I will be going around looking for women.  I have been beaten over this issue severally and I can’t still control myself.“I raped my mother during our last Moroha Festival, after I got drunk. I couldn’t find any older woman to rape and when I got home I found my mother sleeping and I raped her, penetrating her forcefully. My mother screamed when she saw me on top of her and our neighbors gathered.  Everyone saw that I was drunk and when I became sober I begged for her forgiveness.  When my wife heard about it she was angry and she left the house. She went back to her parents and later got married to another man.  Not long after then, I attended another festival in my wife’s community known as Mahuta. I became drunk again. I staggered to my ex-wife mother’s house and I found her sleeping, then I raped her but the woman woke up and shouted.  People came around and caught me.  I was given the beating of my life,” he added.Confirming his arrest, the spokesperson of the Nigeria Police Force, Jimoh Moshood, disclosed that David ran into trouble recently when some IRT operatives deployed to Kaduna State to combat the high rate of kidnapping, armed robbery and violence crime, got information that he and members of his gang who specialized in robbing motorcyclists at gun point, were planning to carry out an operation around Kaura Local Government headquarters.He explained that David was arrested through the aid of some vigilante members in his hideout in Manchok area of the local government.The post Photo: 32 year old man arrested for raping his 65-year-old mum, mother in-law in Kaduna appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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  1. Madness at its peak

  2. This man is mad and should be sentenced according to the law

  3. This is madness

  4. Spiritual music has been played ,now he is just dancing to the beats in his head

  5. this world is coming to an end, what a shame

  6. Something is wrong with him

  7. For ritual I’m sure

  8. This is a production of satanic manipulation, madness of high order

  9. The guy know what he is doing,you were drunk for the first time, second time same thing.

  10. D guy know well

  11. He is on spiritual attack .. lol

  12. I wonder why it was 65 year old woman he went for

  13. wonders shall never end

  14. High level of wickedness

  15. Imagine the nonsense

  16. this is evil spirit in action. he really needs deliverance

  17. Thunder kill him

  18. Car killed them

  19. This is not rape, this may be mutual understanding

  20. he should be punished

  21. He needs deliverance

  22. Dis man is really under spell

  23. There is an evil spirit controlling him.

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