Photo Of Jesus Appears On A Wall After Heavy Downpour In Ikorodu, Lagos (video)

Jesus surprises many by appearing on a wall after a downpour, on Thursday, in Ikorodu, Lagos

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  1. Wow that is serious the coming of Jesus Christ is at hand

  2. This is awesome I bow in awe of you lord

  3. Is this for real?

  4. Wetin that one mean again, social media must make money on everything they see

  5. This is symbol that the coming of Jesus is at hand

  6. That might be false but what u know is nobody now knows his pictures

  7. Is not real ooo

  8. Is that now the picture of Jesus

  9. This is fake is not real

  10. That is a sign….Our saviour is coming very soon…

  11. Who am I to condemn or to praise this….

  12. I can’t even see the pix clearly. So how so I tell its real

  13. I don’t believe these

  14. D coming of Jesus is certain and sure

  15. Jesus is coming soon

  16. I don’t believe this

  17. End time is close

  18. I don’t know how truth this is

  19. And who has seen the Almighty’s appearance

  20. that’s confusing

  21. Maybe it is a sign that Jesus will be coming very soon

  22. Serious how did that happen , repentance that what we need now oo

  23. I dnt think this z real

  24. It may a sign that Jesus is at the door coming.

  25. The world will soon come an end

  26. Jesus come and rescue Nigeria Amen

  27. Is this for real

  28. Jesus is coming soon

  29. Hmmm I dt tink this is real

  30. Wow. That’s wonderful

  31. Hmmmm
    Maybe it’s dere eyes playing tricks on dem

  32. Who knows what Jesus looks like?

  33. i cant believe this type of thing to happen

  34. I cant believe that
    No one ever see Jesus
    So how did they know that he’s the one on the wall

  35. Sign of end time

  36. hope is not frame up

  37. The signs of the end

  38. Woooooooooooooow!!! End time is near indeed, Jesus Christ is showing himself in different ways to do many people, may God help us so that we will all make heaven in Jesus name Amen.

  39. Its unreal and i seriously doubt it.

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