Photo: Police parades nurse who sold baby placenta to a Muslim cleric for ritual

The Kwara state police command have paraded the nursing attendant, Fatima Suleiman, who allegedly sold a new born baby’s placenta for N20,000 to an Islamic cleric, Salaudeen Ibrahim on Thursday, November 10th.Recall that two days ago, LIB reported about how the nurse who works with the Capstone Hospital, Taiwo Road, Ilorin, was arrested after the father of the baby demanded for the placenta of his new born child. After she was unable to present the placenta, the medical director of the hospital contacted the police and she was arrested.Speaking after she was paraded, the state Commissioner of Police, Bolaji Fafowora, said on October 31, 2018 at about 2pm, one Bashirat Jimoh, a pregnant woman and wife of Abdulfatai Jimoh of Gaa Akanbi area of Ilorin, was due to be delivered of a baby, but developed complications and was referred to Capstone Hospital on Taiwo Road, Ilorin, for a caesarean section by the General Hospital.“Upon a successful surgery carried out on Bashirat by Dr Jamiu Mohammed on the same date, Mohammed handed over the placenta of the newborn baby to his hospital attendant, Fatima Suleiman of Agaka area of Ilorin, to give same to Abdulfatai Jimoh, the father of the new baby; but instead, the suspect, Suleiman, delivered the placenta to one Salahudeen Ibrahim to use for a charm, with the hope of getting monetary rewards from Ibrahim. The suspects were arrested; they have confessed to the crime and will soon appear in court.” When interrogated, the nurse said she was a friend to Ibrahim’s wife and that the cleric asked her to get the placenta about two months ago.“The cleric asked me to get it (placenta). I succeeded in getting one just last week. It’s my first time of engaging in it. He has not given me any money yet, neither did he promise me a certain amount of money. He didn’t tell me what he wanted to use it for,” she stated.The muslim cleric said he collected the placenta and wanted to use it for money ritual“She (Ibrahim) told me that she heard that people were using placenta to make charms to curry people’s favour. I said it was true. That was the last I heard from her until she brought the placenta. After she handed over the placenta to me, my conscience rejected it though I inherited the charm-making practise, and I said I won’t do it. When I didn’t do it for myself, why for someone else?” he said The post Photo: Police parades nurse who sold baby placenta to a Muslim cleric for ritual appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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  1. This is very bad. Is she really a nurse?

  2. This is very awful and very frustrating may God save us from their troubles

  3. What a cruel world, all for money….

  4. That serves you right

  5. Wickedness
    dy will never go unpinish

  6. Bad practice, bad people.

  7. She need to be questioned and then face the full wrath of the law

  8. can’t they just kill this people at once

  9. You See. Muslim man. They want to use tut and do Kass.

  10. Both of you have to go in for it. Mumu people

  11. I am so happy the police force are now being deligent with the way the way

  12. tragic news everyday, people no longer have conscience in doing evil

  13. This is wickedness they must face judgement

  14. This is good for her so that next time she won’t commit such disgusting act again

  15. All these ritualist with nurse self. Punish them in accordance with the law

  16. This z serious we re nt even safe again

  17. Let them prosecute them straight up

  18. Inappropriate conduct for a nurse. .really terrible.

  19. She must be killed

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