Photos Of Two Young Boys Kidnapped Since September In Zamfara

The two boys pictured above have reportedly been abducted by unknown persons in Zamfara state.

According to Twitter user, Abdul Balarabe, the boys were kidnapped from Dauran village in Zumi local government in Zamfara state sometime in September. Balarabe also stated that the boys were kidnapped two days before the twins, Hassana and Hussaina, were kidnapped last month in Dauran town.

Read what he wrote below.

”This is another set of small children abducted from the same village Dauran, Zurmi LG in Zamfara just 2 days before the Twin sisters were kidnapped. They are still with their captors Please pray for their unconditional release, may Allah grant them freedom @AishaYesufu @MBuhari

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  1. They shld pls release dem

  2. God will protect you people and bring u back safely.

  3. God will protect them and be back safely

  4. God please save these little kids

  5. Release them please

  6. I pray that they found release by God grace.

  7. O God please keep them safe

  8. God will surely intervene, they will be released soon in Jesus name… The government should please help stop this kidnapping issues

  9. God only can help….. We will continue praying for you

  10. God will surely expose those kidnappers and the boys shall be set free in no distant time

  11. God will protect them

  12. May God bring them back to their parents

  13. I pray thet get released. I can’t imagine what the parents are going through now

  14. May The Lord Be Their Refuge

  15. This two lovely twins kidnapped. we all need not to worry because God is already in control ,they will surely return and as said, no wicked shall go unpunished.May God protect them IJN Amen!.

  16. May God almighty continue to protect them wherever they been two months now

  17. God will save you and bring u back in peace.

  18. This is sad. Police please help find these boys

  19. The twin girls missing haven’t been found yet now this twin boys also… Calling on security officers to pls do something

  20. O lord bring back these children miraculously

  21. Gid please cone to thier rescue they are still innocent

  22. Nobody is safe in Nigeria again…. Imagine since September. I weep for my country

  23. Protection will be theirs

  24. God’s protection

  25. We demand for your release in Jesus name,you are safe and secure in God’s hands.

  26. I pray that god will intervene

  27. I pray the security operative find them. And may God bestow patience in there parents. Is not easy.

  28. I hope they are still alive. May God bring them back home safely

  29. God will bring u back OK

  30. Hmm, may God save us

  31. I pray for quick release, the power that released Paul and Silas from prison will release you

  32. this is a good development

  33. Parents should be carefull with their kids

  34. They should release them

  35. May Almighty God touch the hearts of their kidnappers so that they will bring them back in Jesus name Amen

  36. this season is hot for kidnappers. We need to keep our children safe.

  37. God who knows the heart of the parents will surely bring them back.

  38. May God expose the person beyond this act and may He give them their release.

  39. God please Interven in this case.

  40. Lord please help us

  41. God should help

  42. Now the governments needs to wage in . It’s being long this young boys have been taken away from their families

  43. How sure are we that they have not been killed

  44. May God let them return with peace

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