Photos: South East traders visit President Buhari

A delegation of South-East Amalgamated Market Traders Association of Nigeria today paid a visit to President Buhari at the State House, Abuja. Continue to see more photos… The post Photos: South East traders visit President Buhari appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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  1. The traders from south east or politician? Nonsense

  2. Could this be true?

  3. Lol,looking for an appointment I guess

  4. This is Nigeria every body is a criminal

  5. Looking for favour I guess?

  6. hmmh what for

  7. Senseless president

  8. Am just short of words

  9. Okay… For what tho

  10. i dt believe dis is it politicians or traders

  11. In order to use our brains to play draft again

  12. Hmm we don’t even know the truth. Why cant he called the traders from other sides of the country also.

  13. Hmm in the buhari time we will see everything

  14. O for what naa.for treating well?

  15. This men are been wise, by visiting the president, despite all c

  16. that’s interesting

  17. That’s nice, hope to see the outcome of the meeting

  18. Their purpose of visiting is not ascertained

  19. I hope the outcome of the meeting will move Nigeria forward

  20. Hope the meeting is for the betterment of the country?

  21. Sabotwas and Judas

  22. Gud 1…make Nigeria better pls

  23. interesting

  24. It’s cool

  25. As number one of the citizens

  26. I think their visit is of no use

  27. Secret meeting going on

  28. Not a new thing for people to have secret meetings in Nigeria.

  29. There’s a mission behind this visitation

  30. Wow ok ooooo

  31. small time he will run away again

  32. we dont recognize them or know them. they went there on their own. we dont know who delegated them for that ajayi work they went there to do

  33. Minding my business

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