“My Husband Does This Weird Stuff! Please Help”

Finaly i decided to create an account

What’s up Nairaland, Please Pardon my English.

So me and my man been married for a year now but here’s the thing he does that pisses me OFF!!! TOTALLY!!!! ehn, every time I cook rice and stew (fried stew/fish/meat) he’d ask me to go outside the estate to go and buy Ewa(beans) (I’m using Ewa because that’s how he pronounces it. So I noticed this earlier and I started Cooking beans anytime I cook rice. He’ll still request for ‘Ewa’ the Mama put beans made and sold by the roadside

While we dated he’d even ask me to cook for himself and his friends and if my cooking was bad, I’d have gotten feedback somehow.. how can I serve food and he’ll ask me to go get ‘Ewa’ at Shangisha Outside Magodo Gra to mix his rice even when we have visitors he will send me a whatsapp message to still go get Ewa most times he’ll even book uber if i tell him I’m too tired to drive I’m tired of going to buy Ewa!!

How do i get to know what the problem is, because it’s definitely not my cooking, 2 of my office buddies they don’t buy lunch because i bring enough food for 3 of us everyday and they’d have stopped eating it if it was bad