Please, We Are Still Waiting To Know Who Gave Ekaete Belle

Is it just me, or do Nigerian artistes have a very bad habit?

No please, help us gauge.

They drop a song, make a video and do the work nobody sent them, they add “to be continued” at the end

Please, who sent you people work?

In the history of seeing ‘to be continued’ in Nigerian music videos, maybe only Eedris Abdulkareem actually kept his word

Lowkey, we’re still waiting for Mr Lecturer Part 5-10 to drop

So, if any of these people are your friends, let them know we’re still waiting for concluding gist on these streets:

Maye Hunter, who really gave Ekaete that belle?

How many years now, was it you? was it your friend? We need answers

OBO, don’t think because you’ve been dropping hits left and center, we’ve forgotten that girl stole your jewellery in “All of you”

Did you catch her? Is someone else rocking your chains? Tell us!

Wande Coal, you did us dirty with this Super Woman video!

So what happened to the super woman? Did she survive? The boy nko? Is oyibo police nicer than SARS? let us know!

David, this your bad habit has to stop. See Gobe oh, literally

So did you survive? Who gets the girl in the end? These are important questions David

P-Square, it’s not done. You can’t drop hot moves like that and not give us the end of the gist

To make matters worse, you’ve broken up so we’ll probably never know what happened.

MC-Galaxy, you can not start sweet work and not finish it

So did you remain a palm-wine tapper? what about the king, did he end up liking you? We await part 2!

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  1. I guess Ekaite should be the one to answer by herself.

  2. Make una ask Ekaette o

  3. Ekaette never still born this pikin? Chai, a beg make una ask well well o!

  4. Ekeatte should tell us.

  5. Why not ask ekaette, she should be in good position to answer that question

  6. Ekaette has been pregnant for years now…no pikin

  7. The pikin way Ekaette born go don gow sef

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