Popular Nairalander, Hungerbad, Dies At Age 44 (Photos)

This is a rather painful exercise. I first read about his demise on a now deleted thread in this section, but i dismissed it as a joke done in bad taste, so you cannot imagine how flabbergasted I was when i got the tragic confirmation here- https://www.nairaland.com/5204257/kennedy-onoriode-ovabore-dies-afterI knew Hungerbad as Kenneth Marshal, not Kennedy Ovabore, but what is in a name? He had his faults but he is human, just as the rest of us. Indegenous to Sapele, Delta state, he was a generous person who helped people a lot, and at one time was afraid of opening his mails because of the flood of financial requests always waiting for him. Well, God knows best. Surely, God knows best. He will be fondly remembered by those whose life he touched.I never imagined that I, of all people, will be the one to announce your death on Nairaland, Ken. Too bad.Sleep well, soldier.