Preety Mike And His Sex-Doll, Amaka Enjoy A Romantic Warm Bath

Pretty Mike and his newly acquired sex doll, over the weekend went on a romantic date. They lodged in a hotel, had a warm bath and spent quality time together.

Is Preety Mike Alright?

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  1. Wow!with sex doll,ride on

  2. I thought this thing is out of existence. When we have millions of girls out there, someone prefers to spend time with an inanimate object.

  3. Nawao sex doll still dey exist?

  4. Wonders in this land we dwell him sho

  5. he should go and married

  6. what a nonsense that is not enjoyment but nonsense

  7. Sex doll too bad of human, can’t believe it. Anyway enjoy your choice of life

  8. Strange things happening every day…end time..he needs deliverance.

  9. Hope this will save him from rapping

  10. Nice one, good

  11. Enjoy guyman,no more fears for STIs and unwanted pregnancies but remember the purpose,for which you were born.

  12. What kind of enjoyment with Doll

  13. I wonder why a grown up man will not be relevant for once.i think he should go marry and forget the sex doll

  14. This is total rubbish ,let sex doll cook for you na

  15. It Will save her in rapping

  16. this man is completely insane

  17. Dis z serious

  18. The guy Is an idiot

  19. What on earth is sex dog , this is complete madness, what is he enjoying in the so called sex dog

  20. Hmm…. But is this really am enjoyment.

  21. How foolish

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