Pregnant Mum of 3 accidentally gasses herself to death

A mum of three who accidentally gassed herself to death by sniffing lighter fuel while pregnant had texted her boyfriend “love you always” shortly before her tragic death.

Kimberley Need, 35, was found dead inside her home in Oldham, Greater Manchester, after a locksmith was called when she failed to answer the door.

As she returned home from the scan, she had sent a text her boyfriend saying “Love you always my sexy man”, which would be the last message she would send him.

An inquest into her death heard she was found to have sniffed gas from a can, having previously done the same to get “a high” as a 12-year-old youth,The UK Sunreports.

Boyfriend Ben Banham told the court he had come home from work to find himself locked out of their home.

Her body was found after a locksmith was called to gain access to the property.

He said:

“She was depressed after her last relationship but she was not depressed at the time of her death and she was in a good place that day.

“I went to work and kissed her goodbye and told her I loved her. I was on the phone to her during my breaks and the general conversation was fine.

“She texted me at 5:30 saying ‘love you always my sexy man’. I just thought everything was going well.”

Kimberley was found slumped on the couch and despite her boyfriend’s efforts to perform CPR was pronounced dead at the scene.

The hearing was told no suicide note was found and police found there were no suspicious circumstances.

A pathologist recorded the cause of death as ‘sudden death syndrome’ from sniffing gas.

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