Professor Jerry Gana wants court to disqualify Donald Duke as SDP presidential candidate

 Professor Jerry Gana wants court to disqualify Donald Duke ss SDP presidential candidate
Professor Jerry Gana, a presidential aspirant of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), has asked the FCT High Court in Maitama to disqualify Donald Duke as the party’s presidential candidate in the 2019 general elections.   Jerry Gana, a former Minister of information, filed the suit at the FCT High Court in the Maitama area of Abuja, asking it to nullify the emergence of the former Cross River State governor as the SDP candidate on the grounds that the process that produced him violated the constitution of the party.   Donald Duke had polled 812 votes to defeat the former minister who scored 611 votes at the SDP National Convention held at Old Parade Ground in Abuja on October 7. Professor Gana, however, claimed that the convention of the party which ushered in Duke as the presidential candidate of the party was illegal and flawed.   He said, “In the party’s constitution as provided under section 15(3), it was stipulated that the party will respect the principle of rotation and zoning because it is important to building up of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The provision specifies that the position of national chairman of SDP cannot come from the same part of Nigeria,” the presidential aspirant added. He also told the court that the party’s constitution provides that if the chairman comes from the southern part of Nigeria, then the presidential candidate must come from the northern region. The case has been adjourned till November 13 due to the indisposition of the presiding judge, Justice Husseini Baba Yusuf.The post Professor Jerry Gana wants court to disqualify Donald Duke as SDP presidential candidate appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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  1. This is so serious

  2. It’s apparently not fair to do that

  3. That’s there business

  4. Nigerian politics!

  5. It’s his right

  6. What is the party’s decision?you two should work together for a better nation.

  7. Infighting is not good ooohhh.ur political enemy will capitalise on it weaknesses and defeat u

  8. Politics and their cunning and selfish ways.

  9. Duke and ganna …no one fit enter aso among them

  10. Donald has the right to contest so let him try is luck, who knows

  11. They is the best decision ever

  12. Politician don’t like them self, too bad

  13. Jerry gana should bring his sentiment in this issue at all. very bad

  14. No let him stay

  15. No need to fight duke…we all no that the election is between PDP N APC

  16. They is their problem

  17. That is their own problem

  18. Don’t really believe this yet

  19. It is none of your business

  20. Political saga

  21. Trying to bring a man down and ruin his political ambition is not the way up. Do get a better strategy

  22. I think the professor has some insecurities and he is only being jealous because the said Donald Duke has more votes than him

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