Rare bird “belonging to the University of Helsinki, Finland” caught in Jigawa

A rare bird believed to be owned by the University of Helsinki, Finland, was caught in Jigawa state, Nigeria.The bird, known as the Western Osprey (Pandion Haliaetus), a rare creature in Nigeria, was reportedly caught on Thursday, October 25th, at Malam Madori, Jigawa State.Those who caught the bird said a ring bearing some information was spotted on one of its legs. It stated that it was owned by the University of Helsinki, Finland.  The bird was eventually released to fly away at the Baturiya Wetland Reserve in Jigawa.Abubakar S. Ringim, a graduate of Zoology, wrote on Facebook:Osprey Pandion halietus caught on 25/10/2018 at Malam Madori, Jigawa. The bird came from University of Helsinki, Finland. Available records from the University revealed that the bird was ringed 106 days prior to its caught in Jigawa, and covered 5808 kilometers during it’s migration to winter in Africa, in particular, Nigeria. The bird were celebrated and successfully released today at the Baturiya Wetland Reserve in Jigawa.The post Rare bird “belonging to the University of Helsinki, Finland” caught in Jigawa appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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  1. So critical sha

  2. wow. this bed really crossed the atlantic ocean only to be caught in Jigawa. i guess the university might offer to pay a huge sum for this bird to be returned to them…ie if they dont kill and eat it before then

  3. Nawaoh oooo birds can fly it has missed its way

  4. Only God knows that

  5. Only God knows

  6. thank God they didn’t kill the bird, I guess the university management must have heard the news

  7. This is incredible

  8. What type of bird is that

  9. What is the name of the bird

  10. God is great

  11. Is this not ritual

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