Sanwo-Olu Swears In Commissioners, Journalists Denied Access Into Auditorium

There was tight security and rowdiness as Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State swore in commissioners and special advisers on Tuesday. This was as members of the press were not given opportunity to enter the venue.

The venue of the event, Adeyemi Bero Auditorium, was filled with security operatives including policemen, DSS officials and bouncers as people struggled to enter the auditorium, not even journalists were allowed to enter the auditorium.

The Governor’s press crew was not allowed in. They were asked to go to the gallery where they cannot have proper view of the event.

All pleas fell on deaf ears as task force police officers were waiting for the final order to drive the journalists away.

In the end, cameramen were allowed into the hall while the reporters were ejected to the gallery.

Gaining access to the gallery was another thug of war. After much hassle, newsmen accessed the gallery amidst anger and frustration.

At the gallery, it was difficult to observe happenings inside the hall as decorative curtains blocked the view.