Sean 600 pound life died: Sean Milliken obituary, Kelly Mason 600

Sean 600 pound life died 17 February 2019 in the middle of filming for his second Where Are They Now? episode.

Sean 600 pound life died

Sean Milliken obituary reads:

  • Died: Sunday, February 17, 2019.
  • Details of death: Died from infection complications at the age of 29.
  • Statement from TLC after Sean 600 pound life died: “TLC is saddened to share that Sean Milliken has passed away. TLC expresses its deepest sympathies to Sean’s friends and family at this difficult time.”
  • Sean Milliken was a star on the TLC reality television show “My 600-lb Life.” He appeared on the show during 2016 and again in 2018 for a “Where are They Now?” update. The show follows people that are at least 600 pounds, documenting their effort to become healthier and lose weight, under the supervision of Houston surgeon Dr. Nowzaradan. During his time on the show in 2016, Milliken lost around 400 pounds.
  • On his tough emotional time after his mother died: Milliken appeared on the TLC series update in 2018 after having lost his mother and was having a difficult time. Milliken said during the episode:

“A couple of months ago my mom went to the hospital because she wasn’t feeling well, and she just kept getting worse. They said she had renal failure, and she didn’t make it. She passed away a couple weeks ago and I’m devastated, and I don’t know what to do now because my mom was everything to me.”

Sean 600 pound life died:

Before Sean Milliken death and his mother’s death, Sean was one of My 600 Lb Life‘s better-known cast members since his Season 4 debut episode. His initial weight of 919 pounds was the highest the show had ever depicted — but Sean’s weight actually fluctuated greatly during his time on the show, at one point peaking at 1,003 pounds. He attributed his early weight problems to his difficult relationship with his father, as well as parents’ divorce when he was just ten.

At one point during his weight loss journey, Sean had lost a little over 400 pounds from his initial weight. But his complicated relationship with his mother, Renee, who continued to feed him unhealthy food against Dr. Nowzaradan’s instructions, contributed to Sean gaining back everything he had lost. And his journey was thrown into chaos by Renee’s death from kidney failure in 2017.

Renee’s death happened during filming for what would become Sean’s first Where Are They Now? episode.

2017 turned out to be an especially bleak year for Sean. In addition to losing his mother, Sean lost most of his possessions when his apartment was flooded by Hurricane Harvey.

Sean himself died February 17, 2019 after spending several days in the hospital battling an infection.

Sean Milliken’s My 600 Lb Life debut episode is available here, and you can stream his 2018 Where Are They Now? episode here. His final Where Are They Now? follow-up will air tonight at 8 on TLC.

May his soul rest in peace.


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  1. Sean’s personality was so cool and he is my all time favorite star of 600 lb life. Rest easy Sean

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