See The Bad State Of Mile 2-Tincan Road That Lagos State Government Will Be Repairing

AutoReportNG broke the news early this morning that the Lagos State Government is embarking on a palliative work on the Mile 2-Tincan Road for days which means the road will be closed. For those who are not in Lagos, they may not understand the nightmare road users go through daily on this road. If you miss it, read it Here

Those living in Mile 2, Apapa, FESTAC and other roads spend a minimum of 3 to hours daily. With this palliative work being embarked by the Lagos State Government, this will go a long way to relieve the road users and also help to fast track their movement now that the federal government has mandated the trucks off the highway.

AutoReportNG got some exclusive images of the Apapa Tincan Island/Coconut/Trinity/Mile 2/Oshodi expressway which is in a deplorable state from Coconut axis as far as Berger/Vanguard Newspaper/Mile 2 axis of a federal highway.