See what a waitress did after getting $10,000 Tip

A waitress did an incredible thing after she was given a $10,000 tip at Sup Dogs restaurant in Greenville, North Carolina.

Alaina Cluster, arrived to work this past Friday and her boss assigned her a table of two .

She promptly brought the diners waters and gave the pair a few minutes to look over the menu, she told Today.

When she came back a second time, there were no customers at the table. Instead, the diners had left a note that read,

“The waters were great,” — and $10,000 in cash.“I thought someone was playing a joke on me,” Cluster told Today. “I wasn’t that excited, I just said, ‘What? What is this?’

Waitress Gets a $10,000 Tip

According to PEOPLE , after Oliver told her that the money was her tip, she spotted two men with cameras at a different table. She asked them of they were part of the prank, and they simply told her to subscribe to the YouTube channel of MrBeast, adding that he’d been “going around blessing servers’ days.”

Rather than taking the money all for herself, Cluster, a nursing student at East Carolina University, decided to split it with her coworkers. She gave $200 to everyone working during the shift, $100 to servers who weren’t in, and pocketed the $800 that was left.

That could’ve been like anybody on my shift, ya’ know,” she told the morning show. “I didn’t do anything to deserve that much money. I wanted to split it up and be fair with everybody.”

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