See World’s Highest-Paid Athletes 2018

Blockbuster TV contracts are producing record hauls for the top-earning athletes around the globe. Nowhere is it more evident than the NBA, where players benefited from the jump in the salary cap in 2016 as a result of the start of the league’s $24 billion TV contract, triple the previous annual rate. The result: 40 NBA players made the cut in Forbes’ annual look at the world’s 100 highest-paid athletes, breaking the record of 32 set last year by hoopsters (18 made the 2016 list).

But for all of the success on and off the court of the NBA’s biggest stars, they can’t touch a trio of global soccer icons and a pair of fighters who hooked up for a historic night last August. The NBA’s top earner, LeBron James, banked $85.5 million, including endorsements, over the last 12 months to rank sixth among the highest-paid athletes.

1 Floyd Mayweather $285 M $275 M $10 M Boxing

2 Lionel Messi $111 M $84 M $27 M Soccer

3 Cristiano Ronaldo $108 M $61 M $47 M Soccer

4 Conor McGregor $99 M $85 M $14 M Mixed Martial Arts

5 Neymar $90 M $73 M $17 M Soccer


6 LeBron James $85.5 M $33.5 M $52 M Basketball


7 Roger Federer $77.2 M $12.2 M $65 M Tennis


8 Stephen Curry $76.9 M $34.9 M $42 M Basketball


9 Matt Ryan $67.3 M $62.3 M $5 M Football


10 Matthew Stafford $59.5 M $57.5 M $2 M Football


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