Sharon Oyakhilome Holds 2nd Wedding Reception In UK To Honor Mum

In a move that might be recorded in the Guinness World Book of Records, Sharon Oyakhilome, daughter of Pastor Chris , has held two different white wedding ceremonies in one month.

This actually can be linked to the fact that the parents of the bride Chris and Anita Oyakhilome are sour divorcees.

While Pastor Chris was noticeably present at their daughter’s traditional and white wedding ceremony in Nigeria, his ex wife Anita was also noticeably absent. The action sparked reactions from Nigerians and even top gospel singers like Nathaniel Bassey online.

So, to honor her mum who was reportedly banned from showing up at the Nigerian royal wedding, Sharon had a second wedding reception in the UK and this time, Pastor Oyakhilome was absent.

The young couple Sharon and Phillip Frimpong whose love story moved us to tears, shared their vows in her presence and had a reception with her and her private invited guests over the weekend.

Sharon has shared photos from the recent wedding on her page while tactfully disabling the comments to avoid trolls and questions.

Source: Kemi Filani


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  1. Hmmm that’s cuz thy is money

  2. Congratulations to them

  3. Money speaking

  4. Hmm, they have the money that’s u they can do it like that

  5. And they call themselves pastors.

  6. Waoo! Money is talking. Good for them

  7. where is christ wife?

  8. hope she attend the wedding

  9. money in the bank while church members cry all days for hunger

  10. what a life. the beef seem to be so strong that even the wedding of their daughter cant bring them close for a short period of time

  11. No problem
    It’s cool

  12. congratulate them

  13. good for them. this is very serious

  14. Wait of money

  15. Wasting money for nothing. Tomorrow now you will hear divorce

    1. That’s not good.her marriage will last for ever.Amen

  16. It is cool

  17. Love her style.doing all she can to please them both.

    1. Is it a good one?

  18. Hmmmmm! It is well .

  19. Congratulations

  20. Dysfunctional home!

  21. This is my first time hearing something like this…. Congratulations to the new couples

  22. Congrat nah.enjoy

  23. Your church members needs help incase u dont know

  24. Hmmmm confused family
    Lers be watching kwa

  25. Werin com concern me ni
    Happy marriage bish

  26. Money is good

  27. Hmmmm it’s ok

  28. Money is working here

  29. Money can do everything

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