“Should I Get My Fiancée Arrested?”

Good afternoon everyone ……..

I posted a thread in may about my fiancée I helped with 100k to start a business and she couldn’t produce the capital saying she lend her dad… just want give an update of things

I took majority of the people advise here and celebrate her birthday ….got her cake,wrist watch and celebrated it with my friends and hers at a lounge(paid all the bills).

So the following week I gave in to her pleading and sent her another 50k(she hasn’t produce the previous 100k capital but still promised to produce it with time) to get new set of slippers to sell …..and the agreement was she will be sending the money to one of my accounts as she is selling and the capital will be there to reinvest.

This new week I asked why I haven’t seen any money in the account…..she said she have sold but she wants some people to balance her to complete 20k and by Friday she will make d deposit.

On Friday I didn’t see anything….asked her why didn’t she send the money (dat was after bank closing hour)….she was like she wasn’t feeling too well dat she told her friend to do the transfer but is not going and she has given her the cash …… around past 9pm dat Friday she called me if I have seen the alert I said no……the next day she said the transfer wasn’t going dat her friend tried it but it was failing so I felt pissed and told her straight she was lying (arguement broke out).

So I told her if she was telling the truth and have the cash with her I will come pick d cash myself today but to my surprise she has blocked me on whatapp and bar my number D’s noon.

My friends here want us to go over to her place ….. cause a scene and get her arrested but I don’t want to embarrass her parents or embarrass myself.
They are all on my neck rite now like dey ginger badly

…… honestly I don’t no what to do.
Just want to know if the right thing is getting her arrested or just let go and move on.