Side Hustle Diaries: Rachael Wanogho Runs A Writing Service Along With Her Full Time Job

side hustle

Side Hustle Diaries is a weekly series that celebrates women who manage to balance a full-time job with a side hustle.

Today, Rachael Wanogho will be sharing her inspirational side hustle journey with us. Enjoy!

Tell us a little about yourself
”My name is Rachael Wanogho and I studied Mass Communication at the University of Benin. I’m from Delta State and I have 8 siblings! I currently work as a customer service executive in a printing service company.”
Do you enjoy your full-time job?
“Yes. I see it as a stepping stone, an opportunity to learn vital work skills and ethics, meet people and developing productive relationships. My full-time job has made me better and it was one of the inspirations for my side hustle. It also brings in the extra cash to fund my side hustle.”
side hustle

(Photo: Rachael Wanogho)

What gave you the idea to start The Potent Pen
“I have always wanted to have a business and tried my hands in fashion and other things but something kept drawing me back to my first love which was writing. I write short stories, long stories and do a lot of proofreading and editing for family and friends and so I thought – this is something I derive joy in doing.  The Potent Pen is simply a writing service company and it was born out of the need to solve the writing challenges most individuals, organisations and companies alike face.”
 Did people around you discourage you?
“Yes and no. I make it a point of note to stay around optimistic people because I believe that you have the ability to produce what you constantly surround yourself with. I did share with only a few people, not to be selfish but to remain within my circle of inspiration.”
How did you stay optimistic?
“I did not relent. It proved difficult because at some point I wanted to just pack it up and say,  ‘this is not for me’. I went back to my notes, where I had written those plans and goals of the things I wanted to do and started seeing mental pictures of where I wanted the business to get to. It is still growing but I am pacing myself. I am not in a hurry at all.”
side hustle

(Photo: Rachael Wanogho)

 How has the experience been since you started?
“Being a business owner is not easy. You have to be rugged. You have to do a lot of research and get more knowledge about what you do. I had certain clients before starting the brand who were impressed with my work but when we first started out but my first official client did not like the job and it was enough to quit. But I didn’t. I drew out lessons from that experience and my next client was very impressed. So, before embarking on any project, I do my research and hit the target. With every project we handle, we keep learning.”
 How do you cope with balancing your work, business and everything else you’re involved in?
“It has been a walk of faith. My side hustle requires a high level of brain-work, tons of research and intellect.  I deal with clients’ orders, requests and complaints at my full-time job that I just want to crawl into bed and sleep till the next day. But then, I have to get up and get to work. Like we were taught when we were younger, determination is the key to success.”
 Your advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?
“The slogan for the Nike brand is ‘Just do it’. Don’t follow the crowd. You are unique. You must be consistent in what you do. Don’t stop, keep pushing because no one knows the vision behind your business. You must be convinced about what you sell – that product or service. You must exude excellence in your work/brand or product. Don’t be anyhow. Trust me, the clients will come and God will bless the work of your hands. Keep at greatness!”
You can connect with Rachael on Instagram here. Catch up on the last episode of Side Hustle Diaries here. 

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