Sollatek emphasizes Consumer Safety …Weeds out the counterfeits

Sollatek Emphasizes Consumer Safety Weeds out the counterfeits
In line with its ‘Buy Original Campaign’, Sollatek Ltd, a UK-based company and the world’s leading manufacturer of power protection devices, has embarked on a massive consumer sensitization and anti-counterfeiting program across various markets in Nigeria.The nationwide mop-up, executed through a court order, has led to the confiscation of several substandard and counterfeit power protection products.Speaking on the background behind the exercise, the IP & Trademarks Rights Manager, Sollatek (UK) Ltd, Mr. Thierry Polet stated that the exercise is in line with the company’s buy original global campaign which would help customers identify genuine Sollatek products. According to him, the company owes it a duty to help protect the safety of lives and properties of its customers hence the reason for carrying out the massive raid.“Our primary focus is the safety of life and of property. We achieve this through the protection of electrical and electronic equipment from unreliable power, which can lead – and has led to – fires and even death. Original Sollatek devices protect your appliances, and your homes from over-voltage, under-voltage, surge protection and spikes in electricity. The fake products, often available at much cheaper prices – do nothing. By the time the customer finds out – it’s too late. We always encourage customers to protect their investments, their homes and their lives with original Sollatek products only. Polet further explained that Sollatek has been established for over thirty years in the United Kingdom with a world-class pedigree for manufacturing innovative products in the power control, energy saving, temperature control and solar energy sectors, with products distributed to 190 countries around the world. Genuine and patented Sollatek UK power surge protectors are available at authorized retailers and dealers stores nationwide. Each Sollatek UK product now has an ‘authentication verification process’ where customers can send a code to 38353 (Toll Free) to confirm authenticity.The post Sollatek emphasizes Consumer Safety Weeds out the counterfeits appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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