Some Actors Now Pay For Roles – Charles Inojie

Nollywood veteran actor, Charles Inojie in a new interview disclosed that he is shy person who initially found it difficult to watch his movies.

Charles Inojie who also admitted that the current situation could not be compared with the good old days when he started acting, stated that there was no longer discipline in the movie industry as Nollywood was not being used by some people as an avenue to flaunt themselves and their businesses.

“I am a shy person, initially it was difficult for me to watch clips of my movies; it was hard to believe that I was the one doing some of those things. However, I am beginning to deal with it a lot better now. If I walk into a sitting room with people gathered watching my movies, I’ll probably just go out, but I am beginning to handle it a lot better now. I always tell myself that it is just the way I am.

“I have a persona that is different from the roles I play; the roles come naturally for me. Some people understand that it’s just role-play but others find it difficult to take me seriously,” he said.
“In those days, people had more discipline in the industry. Discipline has been eroded in the movie industry.

For example, in the past, when someone was called a director, it would be obvious that the person had earned the name, but these days anybody just assumes that role.

“There are many people who do not really want a career; they just want to use Nollywood as a springboard for them to promote their other businesses. When there is no discipline and order, it trickles down the line. In those days, when an actor came on set, their first question would be: who is the director? If it was a name they couldn’t risk connecting their reputation with, they would leave the job.

“However, these days they don’t bother about who the director is, they only care about the money. At the end of the day, it’s only Nollywood that will have a bad name,” he told Saturday Beats.
The veteran actor further stated that there was need for a proper structure that would instill discipline in Nollywood, adding that a lack of discipline in the industry was affecting movie quality.

“I think people should be trained, I even hear they pay for roles these days; which should be the other way round. These things have affected the quality of movies in the industry. The solution to this problem is to strengthen the guild to function; they should be able to reprimand their members when they err. The guild should be empowered to organise training but the government also has a role to play in this,” Charles Inojie said.

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  1. That’s very wrong

  2. That insane

  3. Can that be true ? But if it’s true , that’s really wrong

  4. People now pay for roles which is totally wrong.. Talents are gradually being swept under carpet.. Too bad

  5. Imagine the nonsense

  6. That’s very wrong. Corruption even between actors

  7. This is rubbish

  8. Very wrong move

  9. They should do better thing!

  10. They know what they were doing on TV

  11. it the situation in the country

  12. That’s what life turn to

  13. I totally disagree with him.
    i dont think real actors pays for their role.

  14. it’s pure truth

  15. Nollywood is no longer the way it use to be,most of their movies look childish.

  16. Yeah, chinwetalu agu also said the same thing the other day

  17. This is really bad for them to be paying to feature in a movie,

  18. Their ladies have been paying to be featured as well since Nollywood started. If men are paying wow. They should concentrate on talent to bring out reasonable movies not jokes

  19. That is bad news what is happening

  20. it the situation in the country

  21. Normal level a….eap dadies of nollywood

  22. Is matter of choice

  23. It’s a matter of choice

  24. That’s the situation we find in the country

  25. Corruption everywhere …evwn to the point of paying for roles… Something need to be done

  26. Everyone in the industry should work towards restoring discipline and self control in the industry

  27. This is rubbish nah

  28. Corruption everywhere, it won’t help the movie industry, instead it will bring it down

  29. Corruption is like a cankerworm that has eaten deep into the nigeria fabric. Corruption is in every sector

  30. curruption is everywhere

  31. As long as you have the money, u can work yourself through. Money answereth all things

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