States Nominal Gross Domestic Product (2013 – 2017) – PHASE II

summary of findings:I. In 2017, the nominal gross domestic product for the 22 states (for which data is currently available) stood at N63.8trillion, or 56% of Nigeria nominal gross domestic product in that year.ii. By sector, the 22 states accounted for 57%, 77% and 48% of agriculture, industry and services GDP at the national level respectively. Among the 22 states, however, services sector accounted for 67%, while agriculture accounted for 22% and industry, 11%.iii. Among the 22 states, FCT had the highest gross domestic product at N10.6 trillion, or 17% of total states GDP. This was followed by Akwa-Ibom and Rivers States, each with 8% of total states GDP . iv. In the FCT, services accounted for 81% of GDP while industry and agriculture accounted for 18% and 10% respectively. In Akwa-Ibom, however, industry accounted for 65% while services and agriculture accounted for 19% and 16% respectively.v. Across the 22 states, the non-oil sector represented 98% of total states GDP while the oil sector accounted for only The 6 states with the highest nominal GDP in 2017 – FCT, Akwa-Ibom, Rivers, Delta, Bayelsa, Anambra – accounted for about 50% of the total states GDP, or 27% of Nigeria nominal GDP, in 2017.Data source: National Bureau of Statistics