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Padam Rizal missing found dead: Search called off | Updates

Padam Rizal missing has been found dead and search for him called off. The Padam Rizal missing update was announced by the Bhutanese Community in Harrisburg who wrote in a statement on Facebook: Wednesday, May 22, 2019 आदरणीय भुटानी समाज, हाम्रा आदरणीय पिता तथा यस समाजका शुभेच्छक/ सेवक श्री पदम रीजाल ज्यू यस संसारमा नरहनु भएको […]

Victoria Mattison death: How Victoria Mattison death happened

Victoria Mattison death happened May 22, 2019, at Greenville Memorial Hospital. The beloved young dance teacher was 20 years. Victoria’s death was announced by her heartbroken father Victor Mattison, in a statement on Facebook that read: This morning our precious daughter and sister, Victoria Nicole Mattison, passed away at 6:22 AM surrounded by her family and […]

Jorge Cruz Jr Rebecca Gayheart car accident

Jorge Cruz Jr Rebecca Gayheart car accident happened June 13, 2001. Rebecca Gayheart was driving in Hollywood when she noticed that a line of cars had stopped in front of her. According to reports, blissfully disregarding that these cars were probably stopped for a good reason, Rebecca Gayheart swerved into a two-way left-turn lane, at 40 […]