Tehachapi suicide: Boy dead after Tehachapi shooting

Tehachapi suicide: A young boy is dead after a Tehachapi shooting in the parking lot of Coy Burnett Stadium Friday afternoon.

Tehachapi suicide

Tehachapi police spokesman Key Budge said police had responded to reports of a shooting when the male juvenile was found dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Police had secured the area. No other information was immediately available.

Read tributes from concerned residents below. May the boy’s soul rest in perfect peace.

  • From Ashley Moll:

Well everyone idk what to do so what i am asking is for your prayers for a family in tehachapi idk them but they lost a child today due to suicide idk any info other than that but please keep them in ur prayers plz i wish i could help more but this is all i can do may who ever it was Rest In Peace

  • From Tammy Clark:

Does anyone know if the Tehachapi School District can have some grief counselor’s come to the the High School sometime this week to help the students deal with this shooting-not sure where to post this.

May he rest in peace.


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